What is Good Mileage on a Used Car Purchase?

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Purchasing a used vehicle is a great way to upgrade your Oceanside commute without spending too much, but how do you choose the perfect used car? For starters, you’ll of course want to learn about its maintenance history and overall condition, but you’ll also want to find out what its mileage is. What is good mileage on a used car? It depends. When you’re determining good mileage for a used car, it’s often less important to look at the actual number and more important to learn how it got that mileage. Quality Chevrolet discusses how to factor mileage into your used car purchase in the guide below!



What to Consider While Shopping for a Used Car

Mileage is only one factor to consider when shopping for a pre-owned vehicle near Poway. Other key factors include:

  • City vs. Highway Driving – Do you know where the vehicle was driven? If most of its mileage comes from stop-and-go traffic, it will probably have more mechanical wear than a vehicle that was mostly driven on the highway.
  • Climate – Shopping for a used car in Carlsbad doesn’t necessarily mean the vehicle is from this area. Finding out where a used vehicle came from can help you determine if it’s a good buy; a warm, dry climate is easier on a vehicle than a cold, wet climate.
  • Mechanical Condition – Reputable dealerships like Quality Chevrolet inspect every used vehicle for quality before we buy it or make it available for sale. If you’re working with a private seller, you should have a certified mechanic inspect the vehicle for maintenance issues or mechanical problems, as well as rust. Any issues that will need to be dealt with should factor into how much you pay for the vehicle.
  • Service Record – Get a maintenance history for the vehicle to check whether the previous owner had routine oil changes and other services performed. If the service history is spotty, you may want to consider something else.

How to Factor Mileage into a Used Car Purchase

What is considered high mileage for a used car? There’s no magic number to look for, but factoring mileage into your purchase doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s helpful to consider how much mileage you still need the vehicle to provide for you. If you want it to last another 50,000 miles, then a vehicle that already has about 50,000 miles or less could be a great buy! If you’re looking for something that’s priced cheaper than $10k but may have higher mileage, even a vehicle with 100,000 miles can withstand another few years or so of commutes. Keep in mind: the average driver puts about 12,000 miles per year on the odometer.

Which is More Important: Mileage or Age?

Between mileage vs. age, which is the most important factor? Well, a late-model car with high mileage could be a better option than an older model with low mileage because of its newer components. Here are some other points to consider:

  • A low-mileage vehicle may have low mileage because it wasn’t driven often. When a car sits unused, it becomes more prone to mechanical issues, rust, and issues with the rubber seals and gaskets.
  • A used car with a spotless service record is often a better buy than a vehicle with low mileage but a spotty service record.
  • With low mileage typically comes a higher price tag.

Are you searching for the best of both worlds, i.e. a newer vehicle with both low mileage and a good service history? Certified Pre-Owned is probably your best option. These vehicles are certified by the manufacturer to be from a recent year with lower mileage, and they must pass a multi-point inspection, among other benefits. Compare used vs. certified pre-owned to learn more about their differences.

Find Low Mileage Used Cars for Sale at Quality Chevrolet

As you can see, good mileage for a used car is pretty subjective. At Quality Chevrolet, our team can pair you with the perfect car based on your budget and driving needs, whether that’s a low mileage used car for sale or an affordable, higher mileage car. Contact us to learn more, and if you’ll be trading in your current vehicle, you can estimate its value online before visiting us in Escondido. While you’re here, be sure to explore our used trucks for sale!


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