Car Key Replacement

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If you lost your car keys or just want to have an extra set, we can create new ones for you at Quality Chevrolet. We offer Chevy key replacement, Chevy key fob replacement, and Chevy key fob battery replacement, for the convenience of Oceanside and Poway drivers, but we can produce non-Chevrolet keys for you as well. Keep reading to learn more about how car key replacement works at our dealership, and then, contact us with any questions before your visit.

What Do I Need for Chevy Key Replacement?

Please note that we can’t release information about key codes, key numbers, or security chips. For security and protection against auto theft, dealer personnel requires positive identification of the person making the request and proof of vehicle ownership through registration with all of the following pieces of documentation prior to making new keys:

  • Copy of the driver’s license
  • Copy of the title or insurance card
  • Copy of the registration
  • Vehicle license plate number

When we facilitate a Chevy key replacement, our dealership must make a permanent file, by VIN, of all key requests; the file must include copies of the following:

  • Government-issued picture ID (Driver’s License)
  • Vehicle’s registration or other proof of ownership. Caution: Registration should have normal markings from the State or Province that it was issued.
  • Copy of the paid customer receipt, which has the name of the employee who cut and sold the key to the customer.

This file is subject to review by Regional Field Staff, GM Audit, GM Security, and law enforcement agencies. If vehicle ownership cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, key codes or replacement keys will not be provided.

Key Fob Battery Replacement

If your Chevy car keys aren’t working or are slow to respond to clicks, you may just need to change the Chevy key fob battery. If this is the case, it’s simply a matter of opening the fob and replacing the old battery with a new one. The most prominent signs that you need a new Chevy key fob battery include:

  • If the range of your key fob appears to be diminishing, it’s a likely sign that your signal is weakening due to an old or nearly drained Chevy key fob battery.
  • If you have to click your fob multiple times to unlock your car, your battery is low.
  • If your key fob only works some of the time, or it only works efficiently at full range some of the time, your battery is likely starting to go.

If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your key fob, don’t hesitate to reach out to Quality Chevrolet. We can replace your fob battery for next to nothing in seconds!

Contact Us for Chevy Key Replacement Costs

Whether you’ve lost your car keys, and you’re wondering how much Chevrolet key replacement costs or you’re looking for Chevy key fob battery replacement, our service advisors will be glad to help. Fill out a service contact form to get started, or give us a ring at (760) 745-7221. Whether you need a Chevy key fob replacement or you need to replace the keys for a different vehicle, we are here to help you get back on the road to Carlsbad with a working key in no time!

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